I Was There Before

100 Days on Holy Island

100 Days on Holy Island

A Writer's Exile

Published by Mainstream Publishing (2002)

ISBN-10: 1-84018-407-8
Price: £9.99

It was the worst winter in a decade, the winter of foot-and-mouth, when island power cuts ran for up to 72 hours - and two days before Peter Mortimer's planned departure, his father died.

100 Days on Holy Island is a quirky and often moving account of one man's self-imposed exile to a remote island off the coast of North-east England. Eschewing the usual historical or religious portrayal, Mortimer gives a vivid, humourous and often dramatic account of a confirmed urbanite in a small, tight-knit community cut off twice daily by the tides.

Throwing himself into island life, he explores the landscape, people and myths that surround this remote 'cradle of Chrisianity'. All of Mortimer's experiences within this unique island community are depicted with warmth and humour. The bleak winter scenery and idiosyncrasies of the island's inhabitants are described with an insight and understanding that could only have been achieved from personal experience. He helped in the local school, worked on the land, was the first person to be voluntarily cut off in the island refuge box and spent three tides isolated on the exposed outcrop, St Cuthbert's Island.

The 100 days changed him - and probably changed the island. 100 Days on Holy Island is a personal homage to the island and a remarkable account of a micro-society unique in modern Britain.

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Broke through Britain

Broke through Britain

One Man's Penniless Odyssey

Published by Mainstream Publishing (1999)

ISBN-10: 1-84018-163-X
Price: £7.99

During the summer of 1998, Peter Mortimer set off on the 500-mile journey from Plymouth to Edinburgh, accompanied only by his King Charles spaniel. He had no money and had no transport or pre-arranged accommodation. Bereft of the basics necessary for human existence, such as food and shelter, he was dependent for his survival on his own wits, the generosity of others and good fortune.

Broke through Britain is a record of both the physical and the mental demands such an undertaking placed on Mortimer, and it offers a humourous, poignant and oblique slant on our national characteristics at the dawn of a new millennium. Peter Mortimer gives a vivid account of life lived on the fringes of society in a country where there is an ever-increasing gulf between the rich and the poor. It is a genuine adventure into the unknown - not in some remote, hostile land, but here on our own doorstep. He may even have landed on yours.

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