Books for Children

Utter Nonsense

Utter Nonsense

Published by Iron Press (revised edition, 2001)

ISBN-10: 0-906228-83-2
Price: £5.95

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The Ooosquidal

The Ooosquidal

Illustrated by Hutch (Paul Hutchinson)
Published by Unit Offset (1981)
Cover price: £1

"Ooosquidal (ûsqid'l) n. 1981 (rare). Seldom seen beastie of indeterminate size and shape. In existence since time immemorial though identified and named only in 1981. Distinctive loud "Woooooo!" sound in flight. Never photographed, drawn or kept in captivity.

The Witch and the Maiden

The Witch and the Maiden

Illustrated by Carole Senior
Published by Pivot Press (1992)

ISBN-10: 0-906939-03-8
Cover price: £3.30

Croak, the King & a Change in the Weather

Croak, the King & a Change in the Weather

Croak is the story of a greedy and self-centered King, whose indulgent lifestyle in the luxury of his sealed-off palace is at the expense of his downtrodden subjects outside. When his kingdom is faced with previously unknown types of weather which threaten the supply of luxuries, the King is forced for the first time ever to go outside the palace gates.

With colour illustrations by Gaynor Devaney
An Iron Press / Flambard Press co-publication (1997)

ISBN-10: 0-906228-63-8 (Iron)
ISBN-10: 1-873226-25-X (Flambard)
Cover price: £5.95

In 2009, Croak, the King & a Change in the Weather was performed by the children of the Shatila refugee camp, in outer Beirut. Read about this performance.